Doris Goddard (Hoynes-Bishop)

  • Mar 01, 1930
  • -
  • Jul 28, 2019
Age 89
Cemetery Details

Rookwood Catholic Cemetery

Barnet Avenue Rookwood

Online Commemorations:

  • Steve Widdicombe says:

    Oh, Dear Doris, I only just found out. No more waiting for the Train Guitars with Doris and a cool lagerooney. I met her when sign-writing the Great Southern and couldn’t work out where I knew the classy lady dressed like a Star in a black lacey type dress in 1986 or knew her face from. I popped In quite often for a while. What a character and a sweetheart she was. God bless Doris. She was a really nice one and its very sad to learn she has left us. The perfect Barmaid bar none (no pun intended) she was in her element and made that little pub into a delightful little Cabaret.Fare well Helga Darlink.