Charlotte Clutterbuck

  • Dear Mr Valerio,
    Thank you all very much for conducting our mother’s funeral in such a professional and sensitive manner.

    I did not meet you, but I would like to commend two of your staff.

    Gina drove me and my sisters to Rookwood in a very respectful and steady way. But we were all also pleased when she laughed at one of our funny stories – it gave a bit of human warmth to the journey, and after that we were all much more relaxed.

    Joanne Bucciarelli was very kind and respectful when she visited to plan our mother’s cremation. She was quick to understand that we felt more comfortable with plain, direct language. She did not immediately attempt to express a false sense of intimacy, but always conveyed a restrained and sympathetic approach. Her kindness on the day was a great comfort. By the time we had all experienced the funeral service and witnessed insertion together and she was driving us home, we had established a genuinely warm relationship with her.

    We very much appreciated her support on the day.

    Yours sincerely,
    Charlotte Clutterbuck