• Dear Andrew & Laura,
    I wanted to formally express my gratitude for once again providing a sense of family when I reach out to you to help when a loved one has passed.
    I have attended many funerals over the years and the difference between the service you provide compared to others is exceptional care and service above and beyond what one would expect. Every detail is considered, most recently my close friend who I recommended to you said ‘it feels like family’. I can’t tell how much that means to me when recommending a service at such an acutely sensitive time.
    Being able to rely on you thinking of every detail, transforming an emotional image of what you want for your loved one and being able to deliver on that is simply extraordinary.
    I wanted to formally share my thoughts and thank you for all that you do that may often go unnoticed, I notice, and I value this more than words can express.
    I am personally grateful to be able to continue to reach out to you as I have for more than 15 years. My very best wishes for your continued success for you and your colleagues who represent you and your family as extended family to those you serve.
    Adj Assoc Prof
    Anna M Shepherd FACN GAICD